3D Printing Made In Canada: A blog about the first manufacture of 3D printing filament in Alberta

by Vanda Nagy on November 10, 2021

3D printing is becoming more and more popular in todays' world, and with better and better technology getting released every month it's no surprise.

But like many other things in life quality isn't always cheap, especially when it comes to the more advanced filaments out there on the market. Until now that is! We are proud to present Canadian Filaments a new filament manufacturer from Alberta that wants you to get into 3D printing without spending a fortune on high-quality materials!

Polylactic acid (PLA) - filament is one of the most widely used 3D printing materials compared to ABS. PLA or polylactic acid PLA is preferred by many users because it tends to smell milder than many other plastic filaments in 3D printing. Note that compared to materials such as PLA and ABS, there are very few manufacturers and types of 3D printer filaments.

In this blog, we will look at the range of 3D materials that Canadian Filaments offer (also called filaments) that 3D printers use and become increasingly popular.

The best 3D printer filaments on the market depend heavily on the application of each 3D printing material and each has its own advantages and disadvantages that we will discuss here. While there are a few types commonly used, manufacturers tend to avoid the geeky monikers and instead use more meaningful names that allude to the essential properties of the filament.

High-quality 3D-printed filaments made of PLA will achieve better results and cause fewer headaches. Many buyers are enthusiastic about the printing results of highquality, silky-glossy metallic filaments that make stunning prints, and Canadian Filaments has a selection of environmentally friendly PLA filaments.

Our own warehouse and production facility at means we don't have to pay the costs associated with marketplaces like Amazon, and we also don't have to worry about storing moisture-sensitive 3D printing materials in less-thanideal conditions.

So, our PLA Filaments are not only a higher-quality product than those offered on public markets like Amazon, but it also ends up being much less expensive, especially for those who buy in large quantities frequently..

Consistent, dependable, and appropriate for everyday 3D printing needs!

PLA is a popular 3D printer filament because of its ease of use and the fact that it is made from renewable resources such as field corn. PLA is also friendly, harmless, and biodegradable. For people who are new to 3D printing, PLA is ideal since it is simple to use, has excellent formability, and exhibits far less warping and curling than ABS. For products with flat surfaces, harsh angles, and fit requirements, PLA is a great choice.

Prototypes, instructive architectural models, and relic replicas are all common uses for this material. It's a popular alternative for people who want to paint printed objects, such as costume accessories and figurines, after they've been produced.

The fragile nature of PLA means that it should not be used for thin, high-strength parts.

Due to PLA's tendency to absorb moisture from the air, it should be stored in a cold, dry environment to preserve quality and function.

There's a reason our PLA is Canada's greatest seller: Our high-quality PLA is the product of a formulation that is constantly being improved in response to customer and 3D printing community feedback.

The Canadian FIlaments brand benefits from huge volume sales because it can correctly evaluate trends and take preventive measures to ensure that the excellent quality of our product is preserved and improved.

Each and every one of our products is kept and sent from a single location under our strict control. Keeping our 3D printing consumables as fresh as possible requires complete control over storage conditions, product packaging, and a FIFO (First In, First Out) storage system. Our filaments are free of lead, cadmium, mercury, and chromium VI, among other potentially harmful materials.

We manufacture our own line of filament. It's cheaper than most other brands but is high quality so you don't have to worry about your creation not working due to poor printing materials, unlike some Chinese imports or certain American brands who seem to be having their products made in China and re-branded under another name without really doing quality control on them at all.

As the North American market for 3D printing continues to grow, there is a lack of raw material (filament) available in our country. Many people are buying their filaments online from different sources overseas and paying high prices for them because of shipping charges; whereas purchasing it directly can be pricey too. We saw the need to produce our own filament that would allow us to continue creating designs while also reducing cost, then sharing this opportunity with our customers.

Canadian Filaments is a homegrown business out of Alberta. We thought about the ways we could make ourselves unique in a fairly saturated market and decided to make ourselves fully Canadian. Our products are made from high-quality materials, environmentally safe ink based on PLA blends and renewable resources!

More individuals will be able to explore the fascinating world of 3D printing with the help of our PLA filament series, which is truly a one-of-a-kind endeavor.’s mission has always been to provide affordable, high-quality 3D printing consumables to their customers. As a result of our PLA FIlaments, we can say with confidence that even after many years in business, this devotion remains a key value. We're maintaining true to our mission and providing our clients with local access to true reasonably priced filaments as seen in other countries like the USA where the market is substantially larger, seeing as they've recently gained great popularity in budget friendly 3D printing consumables. As a matter of fact, our PLA Filaments line is among the most cost-effective 3D printing materials available in Canada, and this is no fluke.

PLA is considered the most commonly used filament in the 3D printing community. It is the best 3D printer filament for beginners because it is easy to use, aspiring and PETG, and with a little time, patience and practice, most other 3D filaments can be mastered to produce impressive and useful products. The best PLA filaments are used to print functional parts and gearboxes, and these parts are finished with additives such as carbon fiber and PHA.

PLA is not as strong as other filaments such as PETG and ABS, but it tolerates temperature and printing speed fluctuations and therefore is strong enough for most applications. Another reason PLA is so popular is that it is easy to print, so that it is the right type of filament for you if you are a beginner.

Why Canadian Filaments?

  • Made entirely from virgin raw materials of the highest quality, grade A food grade: We've seen what prints made with recycled filaments might look like up close, and problems like apparent discolouration and other irregularities are not uncommon. As early as we started, we've always guaranteed in writing that our filaments are created from 100% pure virgin resin, ensuring you get consistently high-quality prints with exquisite details and a lovely hand feel.
  • Rapid, precise, and repeatable measurements to specific dimensional tolerances can be achieved with a Non-Contact Laser Diameter Gauge system. We are able to keep continuous high quality filament with these gauges. So, no matter what 3D printer you're using, the round diameters provide the most efficient extrusion.
  • The Pantone Color Matching System is used to develop all of our colored filaments because it is a widely accepted color standard. This is critical in order to maintain uniformity in color shade from batch to batch, as well as to manufacture specialized colors like metallics and custom colors in small quantities with ease.
  • With the latest 3D printers, you can print at super high resolution with our filaments and still get excellent results.
  • PLA, which is notoriously brittle, can now be utilized without fear of the filament breaking during a print job or even while it's still in the printer or even just resting in storage. For maximum strength and performance, we've redesigned our polymer formula.

Now that you have more information about PLA filaments, we are sharing the best 3D printing filaments you can choose from, so you can have an easier time choosing your PLA filament.